The Winery

The Winery is a quirky urban garden oasis in the heart of Surry Hills. This popular wine bar is just outside the hustle and bustle of the Sydney city centre and caters to all occasions, day or night. It’s a venue like no other with a sense of escapism with its heritage surroundings and natural landscape making an inspirational backdrop for whatever the event. Lots of natural light during the day and its intermit ambience in the evening, no matter the time there is a certain energy about the place. May it be a dining experience for up to 54 or a canapé & cocktail event for 70 we have you covered. Perfect for all celebrations may that be birthdays, engagements, hen’s parties, wedding receptions and anniversaries.

Nestled above The Winery, The Champagne Room celebrates a classical product in contemporary style with cosy booths and the famous “Press For Champagne” button for whenever your flute requires a refill… Bringing colour, life and theatre to the champagne ritual. This hidden hideaway is above The Winery and features decadent surroundings with eye catching blue velvet seating, timber linings throughout and an array
of chandeliers over the bar making this eclectic space intriguing. The venue’s open doors that peer over the city skyline receives a massive amount of natural light and provides a great spot to watch the world go by.The venue provides many options with it being a great space for a casual cocktail & canapé function for up to 100 for an exclusive dining experience 64.

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