I Got You Babe Weddings

My work is on the documentary & whimsical side of the wedding photography fence, with a dash of rawness, romance, soft focus & moodiness at times. I look for the intimacy in the ‘in between’ moments, searching for light and beauty in unusual places, rather than traditional. I love collaborating with different people who have unique and even perhaps complex stories behind them, sharing in a day that will probably be one of the best in their lives. I strongly believe that my practice should represent the real and honest story. If it poured rain all over your guests and they ended up looking like drowned rats, or you were trying to hide a baby bump in a tummy-less dress and then got black car oil all over it (yes, these are true stories), that’s what adds to the great story you will be telling to the grandkids sitting on your knee in 35 years time. My aim is to catch you & your loved ones in your most vulnerable and authentic moments, evoking the warmth between you and reaching through to your true characters throughout the day, capturing a real representation of you as you are, together. When you look at your wedding photos, I want you to be able to relive the feelings and many different moments that made up the whole day, those crushing hugs, giant smiles, silly faces, beautiful tears (*note – If you cry, I’ll cry), and remember how full to the brim with love you both felt. Lilli x

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