Doxa Visual

Yo! We are Doxa Visual. Husband and wife team Jon and Jac, ready to capture all the glory of your big day. We absolutely love what we do and we love getting the opportunity to help your day run that bit smoother. Whether it’s reminding you to let down your train, organising your massive family for photos, or just simply following you around and capturing what happens, we are here to make sure it’s done well! We aren’t in your face photographers, we won’t ask you to do weird unnatural poses and we definitely won’t make you uncomfortable. We’re just here to give a few helpful tips, pop you in some beautiful light and stand back to capture the magic. We believe that you are the most beautiful version of yourself when you are in love, confident and comfortable. We’ll happily guide you through the day in the most no-lens-jammed-in-your-face way possible. We’ve got your back! See if you love our work and let’s hook a brother up!

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