Ash Hilton

Ash started making Jewellery in 2003 after years of slogging away as a chef in kitchens in New Zealand and on yachts overseas. His Mum recommended a Jewellery course as a distraction and Ash took to it immediately. Loving the way materials influenced the design and the design influenced the materials, Ash finally found a way to express all those good ideas he had floating around his head while whisking hollandaise.

In general: We avoid doing things that will wreck the earth. We choose quality over discounts. We believe people deserve a fair wage no matter where they live in the world.

We’re more concerned with where diamonds come from than tiny differences in clarity and color (that you’d never notice anyway). We re-use tape if it’s still sticky.

In particular: the materials we use…

  • recycled and reclaimed silver and copper
  • ethically sourced pink and white Argyle diamonds from Australia and re-purposed Harmony recycled diamonds from Hoover and Strong
  • re-purposed heirloom jewellery
  • ethically sourced Pure New Zealand Beach Gold (which has a really cool story you should read about here)
  • regular gold mined in New Zealand and Australia
  • 100% recycled gold, platinum and palladium from Hoover and Strong

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