About Wedfind

Wedfind is a wedding directory website & app, that allows couples to search for their wedding team by style and location.

With a collective of inspiring wedding vendors & a suite of digital planning tools, wedding planning just got a whole lot easier. From the beginning, our vision was to create a platform that was genuinely useful for couples, and made the wedding planning process fun, easy & inspiring.

However you want your wedding to be – dream it, plan it, and save it all on your very own Wedfind wedding planner account.


Our mission is to help support & encourage small business, and provide a truly useful tool for engaged couples to put together their big day. We value community, diversity & give a crap about being nice humans and doing good things in the world. Our blog features people of all kinds (and if you’re a photographer – please feel free to share your submissions!), we’re passionate about building community, and our platform is completely free for couples, and always will be. We love to collaborate, so reach out if you have an idea you want to share with us. 


We have a responsibility to present diverse, balanced content to our users and to support the future of the industry we work in, we strive to represent the values below.


We strive to represent people of different shape, culture, sexuality & ability, and give equal attention to both people who are getting married.


We’re about supporting and encouraging both our industry peers & the businesses we work with.

Social responsibility

We’ll gladly offer our resources to promote and support causes related to our industry on a pro-bono basis.

Marriage equality

We wholeheartedly support marriage equality & want to see Australia do the right thing by ending discrimination against same-sex couples in the Marriage Act. You can pledge your support to the Marriage Equality Australia campaign & urge MPs against a plebiscite (which unfortunately looks like more of a certainty by the day) and support a free vote. Now’s the time to add your voice: http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/


We don’t want you to have that glossy-magazine white wedding if it’s not you. So we’ll do our best to provide couples with loads of inspiration that’s a bit more diverse & personal than mainstream bridal media.


Being creative industry natives, we know how much it sucks when your work is featured without proper credit! Inevitably this will happen, and if it happens here, please flick a quick note to hello@wedfind.co & we’ll get it fixed up quick smart.